Partner Matthew Lasky and associate Alexis Stevens will co-present “Privacy, Confidentiality, Data Protection, and Sanctions Clauses” as a Hot Topic at Reinsurance Association of America (RAA)’s Re Contracts: The Art of Designing Reinsurance Contracts and Programs on July 22. Their session will discuss emerging issues related to privacy, confidentiality, and data protection in the ever-evolving technology landscape. The presentation will address the perils faced by the industry to protect sensitive information collected, processed, maintained, and used for insurance and reinsurance purposes. There will be an overview of the “Insurance Data Security Law,” as well as other important privacy regulations. An analysis of traditional reinsurance contract provisions that must be scrutinized in the face of the Insurance Data Security Law will be presented. Finally, participants will be informed about the “myth” of reinsurance arbitration confidentiality and how best to protect sensitive arbitration information.

Re Contracts is a comprehensive two-part overview of P/C reinsurance agreements; a deeper dive into special types of property and casualty contracts and considerations in designing a reinsurance program; and a discussion of claims issues, including extra contractual obligations and loss in excess of policy limits. The program concludes with an interactive workshop on reinsurance contract interpretation. Each day features a hot topic session with legal experts on current reinsurance issues.

The conference will be held July 20-22. You can see more information here.

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