Practice Areas

Healthcare Professional Liability

​MCWG’s Healthcare Professional Liability team has over twenty-five years of experience representing the London market and various domestic markets on primary and excess policies, as well as reinsurance treaties. The risks include long term care, allied health, physicians, dentists, medical transport, psychologists and psychiatrists. On primary policies, we act as coverage and monitoring counsel drafting coverage opinions and providing detailed reports evaluating exposures. We also serve as counsel on excess programs, monitoring these risks and collaborating with the claims staff and defense counsel to ensure that all defenses and potential resolutions are explored.

The Healthcare team is known for their ability to effectively manage various binder programs. They manage some of the most successful allied health Coverholder programs in the London market, collaborating with underwriters on these programs to accurately forecast these exposures which range from home health care risks to complex medical cases.

The team is skilled in evaluating cases early on, assessing reserves and resolving claims efficiently. While we are experienced in evaluating complex and high-profile coverage matters, we are equally adept at the efficient handling of more routine coverage matters involving reservations of rights and disclaimers. We analyze the legal issues that impact liability while being mindful of economic considerations, striving to seek the most cost-effective solution for each case through early assessment and negotiations, dispute resolution and other innovative means.

We also perform claim reviews of various physician mutual companies and risk retention groups across the country. This has placed us in the unique position of reviewing the claims management practices and protocols of many diverse companies. In this role, we provide practical advice and consultation regarding effective claim management practices and strategies. This is the same philosophy we employ in managing our binder programs. Our broad experience across the country has provided us with insight into the law, legal climate and tort reform in various jurisdictions. This allows us to provide a distinctive and in-depth framework to evaluate healthcare professional liability claims.

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