William Wilson published new book, NJ Insurance Coverage Litigation – A Practitioners Guide (2021), 3rd ed.  With co-author Frank DeAngelis, they provide a broad overview of insurance coverage litigation in NJ involving the enforcement and interpretation of insurance policies. They discuss both first-party property and third-party liability coverage, from a general overview of basic insurance principles to in-depth discussions of complex insurance and reinsurance issues, including coverage for losses resulting from catastrophic events, Carter-Wallace allocation issues arising out of environmental and toxic tort claims, the duty to defend and/or indemnify, the potential liability of insurance agents and brokers, and the recoverability of bad faith and extra-contractual damages.

This new edition includes an analysis of every significant insurance case that has been decided by NJ state and federal courts since the second edition was published almost four years ago. It contains a new chapter on first-party property insurance coverage for claims arising out of COVID-19 cases. In just the past few months, there have been over 30 decisions issued by both state and federal courts in New Jersey addressing these pandemic claims.

The book will answer your questions about NJ insurance law and is relevant for those who are handling their first insurance case, are a seasoned insurance law practitioner, or simply need to address insurance issues as part of your business. You can place orders here.

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