MCWG’s Commitment to Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Amy Kallal

Partner and Diversity Equity & Inclusion Director

“One reason diversity is important is that people with different sets of experiences and backgrounds often see different solutions to the same problems.”

At MCWG, individual identities and cultures are celebrated. We act intentionally and affirmatively to achieve and support the ideals of diversity, inclusion, racial justice, accessibility, equality, and equity. We embrace our differences, learn from each other, and proudly pass on to our clients the many benefits that flow from the ever-increasing diversity within our workforce.

We believe diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our success and a source of our strength. With the expansion and growth of our firm over the past several years, we have increased our efforts to reach, recruit, retain, and promote individuals who contribute to the diversity of our workforce. We proudly and increasingly employ individuals of different races, colors, creeds, national origins, ethnicities, cultures, generations, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and individuals of varying physical and mental abilities.

MCWG has an active and engaged Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee to ensure we carry out the commitments and principles outlined above. The Committee includes individuals of different seniority levels, backgrounds, and identities, and it meets in full at least once per month.  The Committee’s work is considered always ongoing and never completed, and that work closely coordinates with MCWG’s Hiring Committee, Marketing Team, and Executive Committee.

The committee is led by the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Director, who works to advance and promote a more equitable environment for all and is the designated point person for employees of all titles and levels of seniority to approach confidentially with any ideas or concerns on any diversity-, inclusion-, or accessibility-related issue. The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Director is also responsible for ensuring that employees are regularly invited to submit anonymous input and feedback through an online form, and to remind them that they are also free to discuss any issues or ideas with the Human Resources Director or any partner with whom they feel comfortable.

The position of Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion is currently held by partner Amy Kallal (she/her/hers), who has made it her (and the Committee’s) mission to ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment for all MCWG employees. “Our clients regularly face situations that require creativity and outside-the-box thinking,” as Amy puts it. An ever-growing body of empirical data supports the claim that workplace diversity is correlated with better solutions and improvements in overall performance. “Our commitment to diversity,” Amy explains, “directly impacts our clients by improving their experiences and outcomes.”

Committee Member and partner Lorraine Sylvester (she/her/hers) states, “as a lateral partner coming from a firm where I was the only attorney of color on partnership track for almost a decade, it was nice to join a firm that makes diversity a priority not just among the associate ranks, but in leadership. As soon as I joined, I felt a genuine interest in my voice and a commitment toward creating an inclusive workplace environment.”

Another Committee Member and partner Jared Markowitz (he/him/his) reports that, “as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I had no clue how I’d be received when I was hired, and I even wondered if I’d have to hide my identity.”  Jared further explains that “the partners at Mound Cotton, however, quickly dispelled my uncertainty by encouraging me to just be, well, me. Free from the distraction and frustration of discrimination, I was able to work my way up into the partnership myself!”

As we approach Mound Cotton’s 100-year anniversary, we reflect on the fact that a lot has changed since the firm was founded back in 1933. But over the years, embracing these changes every step of the way has proven to be a key driving force behind our success.

Please contact Amy Kallal with any questions or suggestions.

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